About New Millennium Electric

New Millennium Electric has been serving residents and business owners the SF Bay Area for 8 years. Whether it's installing a new plasma TV in your den or living room or replacing an old fuse box that's making strange noises, we're here to give you a professional job, whether the assignment is small or large.

For more information on what we can do for you, call us at 800 381 1267 (or email us at getthepoweron@gmail.com)

Above Industry Standards

You can choose from a lot of electricians, most of whom will do pretty good jobs. But at New Millennium, we aim to be more than good. We aim to exceed your expectations.

We train our electricians to operate above industry standards. We want you, our customer, to have a real sense of comfort and protection, not just a repair job, because of our work.

At NME, "Above Industry Standards" is not a slogan or ad tagline. It's the way we work 365 days a year. But don't take our word for it. See what our customers are saying on the Testimonials page.

The Culture of New Millennium

The culture of a company usually mirrors its service. At NME, our culture is all about customer service. We started in 2003, focusing on providing the best service. Through word-of-mouth by many of our satisfied customers, we're now known as the standard by which others
are judged.

Our professionals deliver outstanding service. Company founder Kent Crook shows up many times while a job is in progress. This in itself is a signal of how seriously we take our work for you.

Look for the New Millennium experience in these five key points:

  1. 24/7 Emergency Service
  2. Thousands of parts in our work trucks so we're ready to meet your needs
  3. Up-front pricing; no games or surprises
  4. Same day service
  5. 100% guaranteed satisfaction